The Pharmacological Findings from Experiment and study

  1. I believe the title gives you the large scale idea. Though, this post must of course be to delve further. For example things such as my personal interest in connecting ideas, learing and hopefully informing. I think there is something larger though. Minimal information is available about myriads of psyhoactive substsnd let alone these substances in conjunction, which is often done by some without thought or proper respect for potent substances. Unfortunately, and tragically lives are lose or severly damaged because of the power some substances hold on the psych and physical body due to irresponsible use. Im here to say drugs all serve purpose, humans encounter pshcoactive substances daily and consume seemingly subconsciously, though little info is available about thes substances people often consume 5-10 active substances a day at least. Whether its something small like a daily dose of Zoloft, a cup of coffee and Tylenol after a hard working, or post-surgery you need Vicodin but your usual anxiety is rampant so you take a Xanax, a few minutes you realize your back is stiff and your doctor suggested and Rx’d Soma or Flexeril for these post-op back spasms. Suddenly after a few minutes you feel relaxed. Then 30 min. Your breathing slows, but that back pain returns. Another half Vicodin and Soma, 30 min later some poor soul has to find you purple and blue on the ground. Thats colateral  damage not just fucking damaging yourself. These Anecdotes exaggerate the concern, much of the info online is assumed or uncertain about much of any combinations. Studies done on rats or rodents, with much different metablolisms than a human. With that, I salute the Great Alexander Shulgin and his often controversial and unorthodox methods he used and created information on a plethora of substances that was never used on human subjects before. More to come, just a long introduction of this blogs meaning on many tiers to those endulging in pshchoactives with care and respect. Not all combination will be recommended, so therefore these combinations should not be simply a recreated by the naive and unexperienced. Know your body, get in touch with your mind to body. Harness the feeling and know your alive and let that inspire responsibility and respect for any substance. Moderation and self- control. 

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