Personal Experience on: LSD

I have only ever once tried it, and I believe like many, was not fully aware of this substances ability. 

It all started one day a co-worker I had become better acquainted informed me he had some, $10 a tab. Trusting him (as well as the source) I decided to buy a few. We decided after work we were going to find a nice spot to hangout and enjoy some. So my co-worker, his girlfriend, a good friend of mine, and I headed out to some old abandoned train tracks with fields and small hills surrounding. We were in a little area we knew of on a small hill with pines surrounding it. I dosed a tab, my co-worker dosed a tab of his own, my friend dosed half a tab and so did my co-worker’s girlfriend because they generally get strong responses to all drugs. We walked up and down the train tracks and within 30 minutes I could tell the substance was hitting me, my body felt slightly more weighted similar to Psilocybe Mushrooms, but it was without any drowsiness for me. Being fairly versed with stimulants, physically it was similar though not nearly as harsh and obviously lacking the norepinephrine jittery mental aspect. I could notice light and colors around me much more pristine and clear. I began to think about stuff I didn’t usually, things that made me appreciate the moment. In fact, the drug seemed to put me more in the moment, appreciating things around me and experiencing improved senses. A couple hours later, though it was indistinguishable from 2 hours to 5, my friends the co-worker and his girlfriend had to leave. So it was me and my friend together, and it was apparent his experiences was mucn more intense. I dosed another half tab, having an intuitive feeling there was more. As the sun was going down, I called my sister, communicating seemed foreign not in person. She told me she was going to go get some weed from the shop (I live in a legalized state, thankfully) I asked to tag along, told her my location and we started our walk down the tracks. By then, time perception was completely distorted and walking back seemed to take hours. We crossed a rock we had chilled at and drank a couple 40s and smoked some and I got a pretty sentimental of this. My friend seemed to be distracted, amazed, or sketched by just about everything. I still had the rational mentally to guide him along. We arrived at the end of the tracks and my sister was waiting in the vehicle. I kept questioning if it was really her and as I approached, the thought that possibly this wasn’t her vehicle. I grasped the door nervously and was relieved to see her when I opened the door, a good laugh was had when I explained. We headed out for an expedition we weren’t expecting. Communicating was so different it was inexplainable. It was about an hour and half (In real time, seemingly a lifetime) before we reached our destination (which was the town over to the dispensary, and the state over for cheaper cigarettes, which at the time we were unaware of before we left) my friend decided he needed to go pee in the state over. I couldn’t follow his logic and I dont believe he knew what the hell was going on. He was sketched out going to the bathroom in gas station and so we found a place on tbe outskirts of the the town. It was very anxiety-provoking being in town (be it dark) while he went to try and pee. This was also the feeling he got so we packed out again, but the peeing thing being a publicly announced problem. So of all places he wants to go, he chooses Walmart. I almost shat in amazement at the lack of logic this was. Nevertheless, he went in and somehow, thankfully made it back with stories galore. We headed back and I realized all the anxiety I had felt through that, it taught me something. It was more clear how to just accept anxiety as your bodies response (Be it drugs, or people who suffer anxiety-related problems as I do) so this was nice. We got home and I smoked some cannabis feeling the effects less intensely. My friend ended up having some sort of stomach related pains and eventually headed out. I decided to pop a tab of it again as I still felt effects mildly and felt once again, there was more. I had now consumed 2.5 tabs and some more cannabis. After a certain time of talking she went to bed, and I put on some headphones and sat back thinking. Every song was beautiful and meaningful, proving a moral or bigger image. After some time of this I popped  10 mg ambien (after researching some though I was familar with these substances pharmacology) and smoked some cannabis while continuing some music. At this point I was so relaxed yet my mind stayed abstract in thought. I was seeing some visuals, colors, small moving patterns on the walls. Nothing intense, though nothing negative. I went to sleep a time after and lastly remembered the swirls and dips on this scroll hanging on the wall, almost like something seen in a locally owned stereotypical american-chinese restaurants. Though this one was of Mt. Fiji with beautiful sparkle and colors of red on black. 

All in all, I wish to meet this substance again. The beginning of my journey started off swell, then as events transpired, things became anxious and at times some tension, but ended quite blissfully. The key to it all:environment. Taking this  drug in an unpredictable environment (as I did) can be unpleasant or even worse. Its potent effects, make a calm, small group of people doing something comfortable, or predictable is what I believe would be my preferred method, at least until accustomed to this substance. 

Have fun, stay smart. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t and if you do name it after me.


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