Popular/Enjoyable Combinations

Some combinations, some popular, some safer, some better. I have not tried all of these combinations, though many are bucket list material. Stay smart, do your research and I can’t emphasize how much safer it is to try a substance alone first. It could end wonderfully but you’re running a risk if even just feeling really unpleasant due to the fact that our own neurochemisty can vastly differ and hence everyone’s effects aren’t always the same as each others. To be taken very lightly, many are simply outrageous and not at all safe.

*Queue up Purple Pills by D12*

Speed, Shrooms down to valuums, even smoke weed outta vacuumsvacuums

  • 3M (Mescaline, MDMA, Mushrooms)
  • Banana Split (2c-B, LSD)
  • Beam Me Up, Scottie (Cocaine, PCP)
  • Bumping Up (Snorting cocaine and MDMA simultaneously)
  • C&M (Coke, Morphine)
  • Candy Blunt (Rolled up cannabis dipped in a Narcotic Syrup)
  • Candy-Flipping (MDMA, LSD)
  • Candy-Flipping on a String (LSD,MDMA,Cocaine)
  • Capsizing (MDMA, PCP)
  • Cocoa Puffs (Cannabis and Cocaine smoked together)
  • Crisscrossing (Snorting a line of heroin along with a line of cocaine)
  • Dragon Rock (Heroin, Crack Cocaine)
  • Elephant-Flipping (PCP,MDMA, Ketamine)
  • Five-way (Snorting heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and a Benzodiazepine while also drinking alcohol)
  • Flower-Flipping/Hippie Flip (Psilocybe Mushrooms, MDMA)
  • Frisco-Speedball (Heroin, Cocaine, LSD)
  • Classic Speedball (Cocaine, Heroin/Morphine)
  • Jedi Flip (Psilocybe Mushrooms, LSD, MDMA)
  • Jet Fuel (PCP, Crystal Methamphetamine)
  • Kitty Bending (Ketamine, a Benzodiazepine (Xanax,Ativan)
  • Kitty Boosting (amphetamine (Adderall, Dexedrine), Ketamine)
  • Kitty Tripping (LSD,Ketamine)
  • Love Flipping (MDMA, Mescaline)
  • Lucky-Flipping (MDMA,2c-T-7)
  • Screwball (Methamphetamine, Opiate)
  • Neon Nod (Opiate, LSD)
  • Nexus Flipping (2c-B, MDMA)
  • Nox (NO2, MDMA)
  • Parachute Down (Opiates after/ before MDMA)
  • Party & Play (Stimulant, MDMA, Viagra)
  • Pharming (General combining of Rx drugs)
  • Pikachu (PCP, MDMA)
  • Robo-Flipping (DXM, MDMA)
  • Snowcones (Cannabis smoked with Amphetamine)
  • General Speedball (Stimulant, Depressant)
  • Sugar Flipping (MDMA, Cocaine)
  • Super-X (Methamphetamine, MDMA)
  • *Geekball (Adderall/Ritalin,Benzodiazepine)
  • *Kiddy Speedball (Adderall,Opiate)
  • *Triple Threat Deluxe (Stimulant, Opiate, Benzodiazepine)
  • Hippy Speedball (Cannabis, Caffeine)


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