Personal Experience:Combo that Should have Ended Poorly

First off, don’t do stupid shit if you can. I can not advise that this is safe, but I do believe it was an interesting story. So lets commence..
So it all started with some coke. Cocaine is an interesting substance, you get too caught in the moment, everything flying through space. I wouldnt advise it as a drug for most. After a few lines of coke I was reeling hard. Scattering for shit I didnt even know if anything was needed. So Im hyped, just me and a friend doing blow. She tells me she has some shrooms (this was my first experience with cocaine) my inhibition was down and the cocaine was certainly responsible. I took about 2 grams of Psilocybe Liberty Cap Mushrooms, and we drove off with noses full of snow in the middle of summer. As we drove down a highway, it hit me. I could feel a little bit of the shrooms and remembered the cocaine suddenly. In my mind coke+any psych seems very very iffy. I scramble through my pockets, going through all of them and came up with a bottle of Ativan I had. I praised the earth and its being, I took a mg of ativan (Lorazepam) to cut any edge and kept bumping specks of coke. The thing with cocaine, never leave any for later I say. So now we ended up with another friend, she wasnt aware of our coke usage as her responsive would be decisively unpredictable. I snapped at questions, god had given me all his powers. I met up with another friend who has some decent connects, I bought a couple 10 mg Hydrocodone/APAP (Vicodin) from him and we sat by a statue of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary and smoked a bowl together. At this point I was on another level. People couldn’t be conversating on my level. We went on abandoned rode drives, even the cemetery, which brought many feelings to me. Some good some sinister, we decided to split. As we drove through a town my friend I believe ran a red light. The paranoia hit, I went through all my pockets and threw my works up in the seat pocket. The cop for whatever reason let us go, (nothing like seeing those lights flash when you got enough shit in your jeans to get 25+ in the pen) I ended up running into old friends turned skieving junkies and I found so much disappointment when I saw there state and got no friendly distant loyalty any longer. I knew who they had become, lying, cheating pill-heads. Worse than meth-heads, coke and H junkies, man pill-heads are unbearable. So uneducated, it seemed a matter of time before I would be attending funerals for these poor lost souls I mourned for. I left them to scheme for cash, flipping pills or whatever they could scheming for another hit. I say earn your shit fair and square. Everytime you fuck over, your gonna get fucked over. Avoid this type I advise. I got home still bumping a little coke here and there to delay the crash. I got home, smoked and smoked and smoked weed. This pillow on the couch pissed me off, I was unsure why. I threw this pillow outside. After that, little was remembered as the cocaine was gone and leaving my system. I believe more Ativan and even Ambien (Zolpidem) was involved and then slept. I awoke, alive, questioning my decisions and realizing how lucky the outcome was compared to how horrible it could have been. Stay safe, sometimes being reckless can create a great experience. Sometimes it ruines lives. I flew real close to the sun, but I lucked out on a few occasions. Its easy to choose the hard live of fucking people over, but that life I believe is morally wrong and I stand by a code of rights and wrongs. Stay safe, have fun, and gain something. Gain something to stay intuitive, but you dont want to wake up with a Narcan shot, and the pain that causes those who actually care. Even if they don’t know how to show it. One Love. 


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