Trip Report #3

Wow. That was quite the cranium smack. First off, effects of psychoactive substances​ certainly vary by individual and that becomes even more applicable in conjunction.

This experiment was a fairly new mix. Plenty of experience with Adderall, 20 mg being a standard dose. 
The Red Indo Kratom was new to me, having only used Maeng Da twice and wasnt so impressed with that green vein. From info I gathered, the general consensus being red veins are relaxing and calming and to be opiate-esque. I was more impressed with the Red Indo, tho the toss n wash was near impossible with this particular vein. Non sre pleasant, but Maeng da was more like a raw tea taste ground powder fine with cinnamon consistency. The Kratom and Adderall I believe is a good enough combo, nothing to special or ‘dopey’ feeling, a functional combo for work especially manual labor. Helped myself a few times with that. 
Lyrica on top of this combo was to boost and potentiate the opiates due to its function on the cytochrome p450 liver enzymes. I have occasional experiences with Lyrica from 75 mg-600 mg and dont find it enjoyable alone. Feel doped in your mind, foggy. It is completely dose dependant though. Its a useful drug for pains specifically nerve pain, a slight anxiolytic effect and anything 300+ its like being physically drunk. Loss of motor skills is a possiblity. Adderall does slightly cut its side effects, but at the cost of efficiency from the adderall. Those 3 drugs gave quite a head high, yet deep under the Adderall still can help with my own personal task switching and the moderate intoxication experienced.
Then I loaded up the last bowl of greens. I took 3-4 hits, am a regular consumer of cannabis for a plethora of reasons recreational and medicinal (e.g. migraines, anxiety, anxiety-related problems, etc) I had not been smoking much this week, unusual for myself but the tolerance retreated a bit. Small amount of cannabis for I.
Then I decided to go with Etizolam, a similar structured Benzodiapine analog x6 more potent to Valium (10 mg Valium = 1 mg klonopin/Xanax/Ativan) so that makes it about half the dose of a Benzo like Xanax. I am rather tolerant to Benzodiazepines and am Rx’d 60 1mg Klonopin taking roughly 0.5 mg-2 mg as prescribed. I never found benzos to be euphoric or a high unless used in certain combinations. 2 mg Etizolam being a moderate dose.
3 more hits if Cannabis, at that point the buzz was coming.
The next one was Tramadol, 50 mg. Now Tramadol is an odd opiate, as it is contraindicated with many drugs. There is theoretical concern of Adderall/Tramadol, but not at the doses and time between doses. Even so, I had experienced upward to 100 mg Tramadol and 40 mg of adderall to no sign of Serotonin Syndrome though I personally believe Amphetamine and Tramadol have too low of affinities to SERT to have adverse Serotonin Syndrome in responsible amounts. The real risk, is too much of the two will lower your seizure threshold thus making it more possible for serious convulsions. Though most reports seem to be of 200+ mg Tramadol being generally unsafe. Many suggest benzodiazepines and anticonvulsants if you run the risk of taking larger doses of Tramadol, though that can lead to just as serious of problems in respiratory depression with unfamiliar Moderate experience with Tramadol, no tolerance other than a natural genetic tolerance to the metabolism of analgesics thus needing more for pain relief or even more for a real high. 
The next sequence, in the form of Vicodin 10 mg/325 APAP. Infrequent experience with hydrocodone, never doses exceeding 20 mg. I discovered quickly with this addition, an unsuspected result with the tramadol and this drug. Obviously, both work similarly on the mu opioid receptors, but this was more than say dosing 2 of the Hydrocodone. I looked into this and found at the least, a lot are in agreement that the more synthetic opiates (like tramadol, fentanyl, Meperidine, etc) seem to add to in more than 1+1=2 results with semi-synthetic opiates (like hydrocodone, oxycodone, hydromorphone, heroin, etc) which is both a good and bad. Safely getting a better overall analgesic effect is good, but the information isn’t widespread potentially leading to serious problems with drugs that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Mixing opiates isn’t always necessary, but if dealing with a situation with a low stock of an opiate mixing it without others isn’t apparently more dangerous than taking an equivalent dose of one. Knowing this, and finding an Equianelgic chart (as easy as a google search) one can find the dosage of say, oxycodone to something like tapentadol. As something like tapentadol would likely be less common person to person, dosing for someone who usually uses oxycodone could be difficult let alone trying to safely mix the two. Nevertheless, the overall experience after the Hydrocodone and then some cannabis, my experiment ended nicely and am always happy to catch something I wasnt aware of (as was the case with tramadol/hydrocodone.)


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